Cannabis is not new. Among plants useful to humanity, it rises above the rest. The single cannabis plant has been cultivated for fiber, food, plastics, health products, medicines and for social use since the beginning of recorded time. Only since the 20th century has cannabis been prohibited. Our amendment serves to bring the cannabis plant back into the hands of responsible adults. We’ve started a list of frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your question below, please contact us.

When will this be on the ballot?

In order to reach the 2018 ballot, we must have 1 million signatures turned into before February 1, 2018. Every signature is valid for two-years.

Can I sign the petition online?

Florida law requires each petition be complete with an original signature. For the time being, all petitions must be signed by the voter, and the original petition mailed to the Floridians for Freedom office in Melbourne. As we grow, we’ll be opening satellite offices around the state.

Why is this amendment better than a strictly medical initiative?

Medical initiatives put doctors between people and access to the plant. The more we learn, the more we understand this is a first option, not a last resort for many disorders. Under our amendment a patient can put a seed in the ground, greatly reducing the cost and increasing access.

I am opposed to both recreational and medicinal cannabis, why should I sign your petition?

When initiatives receive enough signatures to be placed on the ballot, a public debate follows. We hope you agree that the democratic process is best served by healthy debate. The opportunity for both sides to put forth their best argument and let the people decide is the American way. We believe after hearing all the arguments you’ll agree expanding adult liberty is a core principle we can all support.

Why is there no plant limit in the initiative?

We looked at various amendments around the country, compared their rules to our single subject requirement and determined we either needed a full regulatory scheme or a strictly liberty initiative. We believe liberty is what belongs in the constitution.

Do you think voters will support such a broad amendment?

We certainly believe that liberty loving Floridians will understand that when it comes to the constitution, less is more. This amendment put the responsibility to regulate cannabis purchase and sale on the legislature, where it belongs.

How can I help?

Start by making your best possible donation, whether it be $5.00, $50, $500 or a million, everyone needs to be invested in our success. Once you’ve made your best donation, getting to 1 million valid signatures is our only priority. You can find your signature collecting supplies in our tool box, or visit our Melbourne office to volunteer.

What’s to stop people under twenty-one from acquiring cannabis?

Laws are already in place to deal with under age possession and use of cannabis. Nothing in this amendment allows minors to use cannabis.

I currently smoke illegally and support your initiative. Will I be arrested for signing the petition?

Over one million voters will need to sign the petition in order to be on the ballot. While the information is public record, no government agency has the time or resources to check out all the signers, volunteers and donors to our amendment. If you really need to remain anonymous, give generously to one of the Florida non-profits whose job it is to do public education on why we need to change cannabis laws.

When will it be legal?

This amendment needs one million valid signatures before January 1, 2016 or we will be forced to run on the 2018 ballot. Once on the ballot, the initiative requires 60% of voters approval to become law. Once it passes, it becomes effective January 1 of the following year. If we pass on November 8. 2016, cannabis will be legal on January 1, 2017.

Who else supports this amendment?

We are in the process of seeking endorsements from allied organizations around the state and throughout the country. If you are part of an organization that endorses candidates or campaigns, please visit our endorsement section to download the endorsement form. Once the form is returned we’ll add your logo to the endorsements page and count on your voters to carry this to victory!

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